Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Introducing the Marm and Hoge Family Blog

Welcome to our family blog! What an easy way for us to keep up with each other in this high tech world! The Marm/Hoge family reunion was this past weekend, June 13, 2009. It was held at Peterswood Park in Venetia, just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The weather was beautiful, and we had 50+ attendees from places like New York, Ohio, North Carolina and other parts of Pennsylvania.

One recurring theme was keeping up with all the goings on of the various branches of the Marm and Hoge families. Thus came the idea for a blog, so that everyone could come and visit the site and find out exactly what was going on. Why wait two years to keep everyone updated?

In future posts, we'll try to spread news of family happenings, give some family history, and share old photos. Feel free to email me with information and/or photos.